Nothing is more precious than the ocean

At the heart of the ocean lies our most precious resource. Coral.

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localisation: Coral Triangle

GPS Code : 2.83686, 104.15844

Coral reefs cover less than 1% of the ocean floor, yet they are home to up to 30% of all marine life. Through this NFT collection, you have a direct and tangible impact on the ocean. You take part in the restoration of the epicenter of the world's marine biodiversity: a coral reef located in the Coral Triangle. You will be able to follow the scientific impacts of the program every month via the Tēnaka Science® platform.

Ready to join the CoralMakers community to build the Ocean3?

Web3 and NFT to the rescue of the ocean

Regenerating the ocean is a key solution to mitigate the climate crisis and strengthening the adaptation of the coastal communities that are among the most vulnerable.

Through this project, we are reconciling Web3 and positive impact: all the funds from the NFT sale are dedicated to the restoration of a coral reef in Malaysia!

Tēnaka, a social and solidarity-based company, has joined forces with moonlike, a creative agency, and the Web3 expert, Bulldog. Together they seek to empower future CoralMakers to take concrete actions on the world's biggest regulator and biodiversity reserve: the ocean.

Ready to dive into the ocean to regenerate it?

Turn your NFTs into a coral reef

To your corals!

Several NFT levels allow you to acquire ever more exclusive and valuable benefits depending on their level of rarity. From the small polyp to the majestic dome, you contribute to regenerate the ocean.

The positive impact of CoralMakers

Beyond participating in the regeneration of a coral reef in Malaysia, CoralMakers' NFTs purchase has many positive impacts on the ground.

  • You contribute to the safeguard of marine life and many endangered species
  • You ensure the food security of thousands of people
  • You contribute to the creation of direct and indirect jobs, and so, to local economy
  • You reinforce the resilience of the territories facing the climate crisis

CoralMakers’ actions help strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable communities and territories before the climate crisis.

Tēnaka: mission regenerate the ocean

We restore marine ecosystems through impactful and measurable programs!


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